Rules of Conduct

We must remember that the tournament is for the KIDS. Also remember that it is an INIVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT.  Sometimes the passion, rivalry and cheering turns beyond spirited competition and turns what is meant to be fun, into something much less. It is our responsibility as PARENTS and COACHES to ensure this does not happen this weekend. All attendees must understand the following:

1. The referees are human. They will make some mistakes, some more than others. It’s part of the game.

2. The clock/scorekeepers are off-limits to anyone other than coaches and referees. Coaches are expected to treat them with respect. In many cases these are kids volunteering to be a part of the weekend.

3. We have a wide mixture of talent in the tournament. This means there will be occasions when the games are very onesided. The tournament directors expect teams to show respect for the losing team by playing down the bench. This is difficult for us to enforce during the tournament. However, if this abuse is evident, your team may not get invited back in following years.

4. If parents and kids in the stands turn cheering into a ruckus, they will be escorted from the premises.  ZERO TOLERANCE.

5. If a parent/fan comes onto the court during or after play in a threatening manner toward anyone, the tournament official will have the option to call the game and award the win to the other team.

6. It is the responsibility of the participating school’s Athletic Director and/or Coach to advise everyone in his or her party of the rules above.

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