Tournament Rules of Play

The tournament will follow the guidelines of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association with the following changes and additions:

1. We will play four 9-minute quarters with a running clock.  The clock will stop only on timeouts and free throws during play. The clock will stop on all dead balls in the last minute of play in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd quarters and the last two minutes of play in the 4th quarter. Overtime will be 3-minute periods with a running clock until the last minute of each overtime period, continuing until one team wins.

2. The last two games of each bracket will play 7- minute quarters with the standard clock.

3. Each team gets three full timeouts and two 30-second timeouts. Each gets one additional full in each overtime period.

4. There is NO “must play” rule. Some leagues use this rule, but it will not be in effect during this tournament.

5. Boys play with a full-sized ball. Girls play with a “28.5 compact” ball.

6. There is no press allowed after the lead is 20 points. The leading team will be given one warning. If a press is applied after the warning, a technical foul will be assessed to the bench.

7. If a team leads by 30 points, the starters of the leading team must be taken out of game. The obvious exception being teams with less than 10 players.

8. Each team can keep a book if they choose. However, the tournament staff will maintain the official book. Your book will NEVER be used in the tournament. Your bookkeeper CANNOT sit at the Scorer’s table. Your bookkeeper CANNOT approach the Scorer’s table. Only the coach is allowed to discuss questions with the Referee present at the bench.

9. There is no protesting of games. The outcome of the game made by the Referees and Tournament Officials is final.

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